DonorWorks is an enterprise-level constituent relationship solution that’s completely tailored to the needs of your non-profit organization. Connect to your donors in new ways and see beyond the numbers.

Your Organization. Organized.

Our powerful, integrated database software lets you easily and efficiently enter data and produce highly customizable and organized reports. You'll find a world of simple solutions that will strengthen your mission and help you reach new levels of effectiveness and efficiency.

Streamline your workflow with intelligent, automated functions and one click features. Keep your data where it should be and so you can find it quickly and easily.

Easy Options

One of the many DonorWorks features is the Online Giving program which provides your constituents with a simple, secure online giving experience. Donors can choose to make a one-time gift or set up a recurring donation.
With Online Giving you now have a way to even out giving patterns, increase overall giving and respond more quickly in moments of crisis when timely donations can be critical.

Flexible and Convenient

The DonorWorks Event Registration program allows individuals register online for gala dinners, volunteer training sessions or any other event. This gives your registrants the option to pay online for the event itself and/or specific activities within the event, such as a purchasing a meal or an event T-shirt. Constituents will appreciate the convenience of being able to register and pay for events and activities any time, day or night, and your staff will definitely appreciate that the registration, and the payment, is automatically recorded in DonorWorks Event Registration!

Stay Connected

The DonorWorks Mobile application offers five main features including viewing information on constituents in your DonorWorks database, tracking attendance, running barcode attendance, running check-in, and running check-out. Convenient and effective. With DonorWorks Mobile now you can connect to your data in meaningful and useful ways where you are.


Tired of trying to make do with an accounting system designed for a business? With DonorWorks Fund Accounting suite, you get a program robust enough for any business but also savvy about issues unique to non-profit organizations. Keep books like a pro, simplify bank reconciliation, streamline your payments to vendors, track fees owed to you and so much more.

Save Time

This is one of our favorite parts. DonorWorks requires NO exporting and importing data between applications. Every application in DonorWorks shares a powerful database hosted on our secure, geo-located servers. All changes made from one application are immediately available in all other applications. Welcome to total data integration!

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